FME Server by Safe Software

Safe Software is the premier provider of Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) software, supporting over 275 spatial and non-spatial data formats, and 450 configurable attribute and spatial processing components. Spatial DNA leverages the FME Server technology in our Open Data Initiative, allowing for customized geo-processing during data download to simplify data management for administrators.

OpenGeo Suite by Boundless

Boundless, formerly OpenGeo provides an integrated suite of Open Source software projects, including OpenLayers, GeoServer, GeoCache, GeoExt, and PostGIS. Users look to the OpenGeo Suite for more agile product development cycles, lower total cost of ownership, and leverage / support of open source geospatial technology.


ArcGIS is the largest professional GIS product suite in the world. The ESRI ArcGIS suite includes desktop, mobile, server, and cloud-based offerings focused on both the professional and novice user of maps and related information. ESRI is also a large content provider of background topographic, ocean, satellite, and road network maps, and includes services for routing, geo-coding, and demographic analysis.


Voyager marries enterprise search with geospatial content awareness. Use Voyager to understand the spatial data and content such as ESRI map documents and layers and how your infrastructure is used to support spatial data. The index provides a reporting capability to find data, find duplicate information, and can even allow you to geolocate non-spatial information in Excel, Word, PDF, or Access databases related to your core geographic data.

Interesting platforms  and technology that we think are leading contributors to the Geospatial Genome


Informatica believe that architecture is the path to unleashing information potential. One device. Or every device. One business or a value chain. One nation or a global economy. And of course, one person, population, or movement. Their mission is to proliferate that architecture and deliver the industry’s most robust information platform. Informatica PowerCentre has spatial connectivity via FME.


Tableau lets you visually analyze your data in a way that makes sense for you. What’s the impact? Instead of one-dimensional, static reports, you now have interactive, real-time answers about your business. These examples show how Tableau is used in a number of industries. Its intuitive, drag-and-drop interface means it can be used by any organization.



Skybox Imaging empowers global businesses to make better decisions with timely, high fidelity imagery and infinite analytics. By combining the power of web technologies and a constellation of high-resolution imaging satellites, Skybox is generating a unique data source describing daily global activity with timely, accessible, sub-meter color imagery and high definition video of the Earth. Founded in 2009, Skybox Imaging is backed by leading venture firms and comprised of internet and aerospace professionals

Google Maps Engine

Apply the power of Google Maps to your organization with Google Maps Engine. Layer your data on top of Google’s base map and create your own maps and geospatial applications that are supported by Google’s reliable, world-class infrastructure. Offering both a platform solution and professional application, Google Maps Engine enables a full spectrum of maps creation.